All of us, at some stage in our lives, have to face death. Death (growing old) is a result of actions that brought about this dying process. The Creators instruction to Adam "You Shall Not" eat from the tree of knowledge, Why? because if you do, you will "Die". Death was the consequence of eating from the tree, even though a warning was given it was ignored. The concequence is that we all grow old because our mortal bodies do not have the benefits that came from the Tree of Life.

Parents today try to discipline their children when they see them about to do something that is harmful to them, Just as The Father did to Adam and Eve. Yet the influence of the World continues to undermine this good direction. Why? Because we have an unseen spiritual enemy (the Serpent) who is known as Satan, the Devil. He leads a host of spirit beings who are bent on opposing Yahuah Alahym (God)

Satan the Devil, persuaded Eve to eat from the tree! He lead both of them in the opposite direction or wrong path. He carries the greater responsibility for their actions and his own. He continues to influence both young and old to do what is wrong and they, in turn, influence others to do the same. Successive Governments have changed Laws on discipline resulting in a lack of respect towards elders from children and also between adults. We need a Helper to remind us to do what is right. Would you believe it if I told you that we already have someone?

When children reach a certain age they automatically rebel against their parents. Without proper instruction this escalates so that when they reach their teens it can be an uphill battle.

SIN is (doing the opposite of what you should be doing) and all these things have consequences that can hurt yourself and others. Adam and Eve did just that and the result was hurtful to them and to Alahym (God). They lost access to the Tree of Life and Alahym's heart was broken. ASK YOURSELF, would I be happy if someone did hateful things to ME? Your answer should be No. Why then do we continue to do hateful things to others and even to those we love! All this is the opposite of LOVE!

Life is the result of believing The Creator and the one who he sent, YAHUSHAH (Jesus) There is no other name given, in heaven or on earth that can deliver this promise.

The only WAY we can approach the Creator is through the one He has appointed as a HELPER, who gave his life for us so that we do not have to die. He also promised that He would not leave us on our own but would always be with those who believe in Him. There is no other Way, only YAHUSHAH (Jesus) is The Way to the Father. He is the Door to life.

You can follow your own way, which is what most of the world is doing right now


Have a look at the Bible Chronology showing the years from Adam and events through the History of the Earth


Creation came about from The Father through The Son, all other life forms were created by them. The Father said he would not flood the Earth ever again but that there would be a day of Judgement at a time of his choosing at the end of times. Yes! we therefore are All under the sentence of death, yet even so The Father loves us and has provided a way to life because He is not willing to let anyone perish.

If we want to live and not die at the appointed time we must find out about what the Father has provided so we can live, not just in this world but also in the next.

we have been living in a new world (new heaven and earth) since the old world was destroyed by the flood

The time we live in is likened to the days of Noah. The flood came suddenly on an unsuspecting world. Today we wait for the judgement but this time we are prepared because we who believe in Yahushah Mashyah (Jesus Christ) believe we will be saved.

Death is no escape from the Judgement because there will come a time when even the dead will be judged. Will you be found guilty and have to face the Judgement resulting in a Second Death? Or will you choose life now and a life to come free from the Judgement?

All this talk of death might be causing you to think that this does not apply to you, well think again, it does, it applies to us All! This is not some story that someone has come up with to scare you with, it is more real than you can imagine right now and you need to wake up to reality.

Are you really that blind that you don't see what is happening in the world today, how things are changing for the worst. Corruption is turning up in all established ways of life, and Laws are being created to support this view and we are entering a time of Lawlessness. War is on the increase in the world, destabilising countries and so is that feeling that there is nothing you can do about it. Well! you can and there is no time to loose.


If you move closer to Alahym (God) He will move closer to you!


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