The word "ALAHYM" (Elohim) is a PLURAL word.

The Father is Spirit, The Alahym (Elohim) whom no man has seen or can see. The Son is Alahym (Elohim) The Spirit "The Word" who was with The Father from the beginning, before the Earth existed and was responsible for everything that came into being, even us.

Their name in Hebrew is pronounced Yahuah (YHWH). At the top of the column is the Picto-Hebrew word for YAHUAH (read from right to left). The Y pronounced Ya, is Yad meaning Hand. The H pronounced Huh is Hay, a stick figure or man, the U pronounced ooh, is a nail or peg and the final is pronounced aH.

Genesis 1:26 ...let Us make Man in Our image and in Our likeness...

We are told in the Bible that this Spirit Being,"The Word", is The Alahym (Elohim) of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel), Joseph, Moses, King David and King Solomon. Around 2,000 years ago "The Word" Yahuah, became flesh and dwelt among us. He was named Yahushah, meaning Yahuah Delivers or Saves.

He was documented as saying:
John 14:6 ... "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me." What did he mean?
He did for us that which we could not do, that is, be obedient unto death. He was the image and likeness of The Father and through His obedience He became the perfection that Adam lost. So through Him is opened, The Door, THE WAY back to The Father.


The Messiah, the Seed of Promise made to Abraham, was spoken about by the ancient prophets who foretold the coming of the one who The Father held very dear to his heart. He was the only one produced by the Father, all other forms of life came through Him and it was the hearts of all humankind he was about to change forever.
The one, originally know as The Word, was transferred to the womb of a human mother and named Yahushah at His Birth. (most people know Him as "Jesus" which is a corruption of His name). Recorded in the Bible, we find Him speaking the words of The Father to His Creation. His own people rejected Him as the Messiah because they accused Him of making Himself Alahym (Elohim-God), but the miracles He performed showed otherwise.

He also prayed to his Father and speaks of Himself as The Son of Alahym (Elohim). ISR version John 17:1

He introduced a "New Covenant" based on the sacrifice of His own body for the sins (disobedience) of the World and showed us that the Resurrection (raising the dead) was real when The Father raised him bodily from the tomb and then later restored Him to Glory in Heaven.

He promised that those who accept this covenant from the Father would receive the comforter, The Spirit, who would always be with believers until all things are completed.
Through the same Spirit all believers call upon the Creator as their Father. There is no distinction between Male or Female for all are one with the Father and the Son.


1 Peter 1:3-5 And this is our hope, that as Yahushah (meaning: Yahuah redeems or saves) the Messiah was raised up to Heaven, we to will be with Him where He is. If we have lived according to the Spirit in this life and put off the person we used to be, then The Gift is an Eternal Life in Heaven. But with our heavenly life in the Kingdom that means we will be brought down to Earth when the Kingdom descends. The scripture, known as the "Lords Prayer", contains the words: Let your Kingdom come let your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Colossians 2:16,17 So let no one judge you about what you eat, or drink or for not keeping holy days or festivals, these things pointed towards the New Covenant, within which we now stand. For believers, everyday is a holy day because we strive to live our lives according to the Spirit of Love from The Father and Son which dwells within us.

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