How do we overcome all this? Well! all you have to do is BELIEVE what The Father has said, that if you confess with your mouth, "Yahushah is Mashyah, The Anointed King" (Jesus is Lord) and believe in your heart that The Father raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. He has provided LIFE through our belief in his Son, believe that what happened to Yahusha will happen to us.

We must die, not literally (although we still die from old age) just dying to our former selves and having a good conscience (not doing anything that would offend The Father) being Baptised immersed in water was a symbol of our death to this world then being raised up out of the water to a new life now and the promise of a life to come. By following this Way, you will be able to approach the Father.

You were once condemned to death by the Creators Law. Now if you believe what Yahushah said, you are dead to this life and if you accept the Life offered to you by The Father through Yahushah you are alive again and not under the Law which brings death.

We normally have a tendency to question things and like to research a subject before committing to what it teaches. We have an inbuilt mistrust of others who tell us something is right or "the truth" and this makes it hard to accept. This is why the scriptures are so important because you can check them out for yourself. Faith comes from Learning about what the Father has provided for our Salvation.


Almost any Bible translation will deliver the Good News from The Father through His Son. How can we say this? Well! It is the Spirit that bares witness to the truth, if your heart and mind are set towards believing, the Spirit confirms to you that the words are true by touching your heart, and you will feel it, it is a very real experience. We usually require evidence, something concrete because we have to have a firm foundation to base our belief on. Is there such evidence to back up what is written in the Bible, something we can rely on as hard evidence?

You shouldn't be surprised at the answer to this question because the evidence is staring you in the face. In the opening chapters of the Bible the explanation of how the Earth was formed and how we came into being is written for all to see, the evidence that backs up the written word is the Earth itself!

The Bible bears witness to: the creation of the Heavens, the Sun, Moon and Stars, the Earth, the creation of Man and Woman. The Creators words spoken through the prophets foretelling what was to come, the Seed of Promise made to Abraham, through faith, meaning He believed what Yahuah had said.

The Good News or Gospels, covers the life, death and resurection of Yahushah (Jesus) and accounts of those who believed and bore witness to what they heard and saw regarding Yahushah (Jesus). The Bible is a witness to The Father and His Love toward us all! There is no other book like it in this world!

What has become known as "The Old Testament" actually contains the Good News about what was to come, the birth of The Messiah.


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