We are often to busy with our own lives to stop just long enough to appreciate what The Creator has provided to enable us to Live this life. You can See with your Eyes, Hear with you Ears, Feel with your whole Body, Smell with your Nose, Taste with your Mouth but without the ability to UNDERSTAND WITH YOUR MIND what The Creator has provided for us in this life you would not be able to APPRECIATE it.

We are wonderfully made yet often we forget who made us. We have become a people without understanding. Though we have eyes, we do not see. Though we have ears, we do not hear. Though we have a mind, we fail to COMPREHEND. The most important of our senses the one that makes this life worth living is LOVE. The ability to love a Husband or a Wife, our Children, our Mother and Father, our Grandparents, our Friends, our Neighbours, or even the people that live in our community.

We have lost or beginning to loose that love. Why is this, you might ask, the answer is simple, Love flows from The Creator to His Creation, that Love has been cut off by our own actions, We are doing this to ourselves. The opposite of Love is HATE, hate can lead to anger, anger can lead to violence, violence leads to murder and murder leads not just to the death of someone, it also leads to the death of the murderer (or life imprisonment)

Hear what The Creator has said about Yahushah and what Yahushah has said about His Father, and you will have the proof within you and that proof is the Spirit from The Creator that bears witness with your spirit (your conscience) then you will know the Love that is sent to you from The Creator and His Son Yahushah. This is the promise that The Creator so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son so that anyone who believes might have everlasting life


The Creator made this world we live in and we have experienced it for our selves. Even now we can go outside and look up at the Sun, Moon, Stars, the Milky Way and the Constellations. We can see all of them passing over our heads from the East to the West year after year as they always have done. The whole heaven rotates above the North Pole, never moving from its central position, the North Star.

All these are verifiable Facts that you can see with your own eyes and we have only been looking upwards. We have the whole Earth yet to look at.

Over two thousand years ago science and astronomy were beginning to undermine The teachings of Creation by introducing theories suggesting that what we see with our own eyes was wrong. Would you think it strange that at this period of time Yahushah the Messiah (Jesus Christ) was here on Earth.

Then 1,822 years later Catholicism also joined in by saying it was ok to believe what these men of learning were telling us and by so doing gave credibility to their theories, allowing them to be taught in schools in opposition to the one who created all things! Can you believe that!

Would you believe what they were saying back then? You already do because you were taught it at school as a fact and even now they are teaching this LIE to your children, in fact the Whole World has believed this LIE for the the last 195 years and it is becoming more and more convincing because of Films and Television having joined together in spreading this LIE! It even has a name "Science Fiction."

The Governments and Religions of today have turned their backs on The Creator. Do not let them cheat you out of your inheritance of Life now and a Life to come, reserved in the Heavens, to be revealed very soon.


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