Why did Messiah have to die ?
Why was He 'Resurrected' from the dead ?
Why was He glorified and taken up to Heaven ?

The answer to all three questions is 'Redemption'. Redemption is the 'WAY' to free us from Sin and ultimately Death. Sin is our Weakness that brings condemnation because we are all descended from Adam through procreation, we are all born with a body that is subject to 'Desire', being the result of eating from the 'Tree of Knowledge' of 'Good and Evil'.


Taking advice from a source other than the Word of God, subjects us to that source, even if it sounds good, it is more than likely a deception. There is a saying, 'It sounds too good to be true', there is always something hidden from you. From Adam and Eve down to the present we are continually lead into temptation by 'Satan' to feed our desires and that puts us in opposition to God. Without the Spirit of God we will not have the strength to resist.


After God chose Abraham and took him out of the Nations, He chose Isaac instead of Ishmael, chose Jacob instead of Esau, changed Jacob's name to Israel who's sons became the twelve tribes, chose Joseph in Egypt to Redeem the known world (they gave everything they had in exchange for food) during the Seven year Famine. He then chose Moses and Arron to take Israel out of Egypt, to the land He promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He delivered his Law Covenant (that included Sacrifice of their firstborn, but redeemed with a Lamb ) so they would be a people for His own special possession, to be set apart from the Nations.


If they followed His commandments and directions they would be blessed or cursed (punished) if unfaithful. All Israel agreed to this covenant but later where drawn away by the Nations and what they practised. When they asked for forgiveness He forgave them continually but when they forgot Him and turned to the Nations for help, they who were without the Law as a guide, took advantage of them.

All the Laws of God are based on goodness and love, showing us how we should live together. They keep us from harming ourselves and others. When they are ignored, the result is Sin and under the Law the penalty for Sin was death. A life had to be given, an animal, that substituted for their life, in some cases it was their own death that was required by the Law.

God knew that Israel would have difficulty keeping the Law Covnant, so He set a day to bring in Redemption through a New Way by coming in person, in the flesh, to His chosen people to tell them of His 'New Covenant' that would deliver them from being under the penalty of the Law, by fulfilling the Law and then allowing Himself to be the Final Sacrifice for Sin. After this He removed the Temple where Sacrifices were made, His Earthly House and replaced it with a Spiritual House made up of those who accept His New Covenant and faithfully follow Him, even unto death.

Redemption is not something that happens suddenly, it takes time and effort to change to what you will be, while still living in a body with sinful tendencies that need to be kept under control and this is where God's 'Mercy' His 'Love' comes into play. If we find it difficult to control certain desires that are common to us all, we should ask our Heavenly Father for help. He has provided his Spirit to support us in our efforts to lead a Godly life until He comes to Redeem us.

This process is incorporated in the 'Good News' of the 'Gospels' (letters) highlighting repentance from our former self or path and a change of direction to serve God and not just ourselves.

NLT Matthew 6:33, Seek the Kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and He will give you everything you need


The Messiah was born just as we all are, but He was conceived not by human procreation but by Holy Spirit in the womb of His mother Mary. His Heavenly Father, in this way, provided Him with a body of Flesh so that He could willingly offer Himself as a covering sacrifice that fulfilled the requirement of the Law, not just for His Chosen People but for the Sin of the Word.


Once on this path we are assisted and led by the Spirit working within us to reach 'Redemption' it takes the two of us, Our Spirit and the 'Spirit of God' working together through the 'Word of God', as we embark on this journey and this is what we are talking about in this article.

Why is this such an important subject? It is important because we have lost the teaching we were originally given in the Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospels. Taught by the Messiah to His Disciples (disciple: one who learns), a teaching that incorporates dedication and Love. We have lost our 'First Love' and have followed a message of 'Once Saved, Always Saved' mentality.

Where has this 'Saved' mentality come from? You might ask. The Answer is 'Lost in Translation', a misunderstanding of the Greek word 'σῴζω' sózó.

A translator has to choose from a number of words that give the meaning in English of the Greek sózó. If the wrong word is chosen, it changes the meaning of the original message from ἀπολύτρωσις apolytrosis 'Redemption', to one of σωτηρίαν sōtērian 'Salvation' that requires a sōtḗros 'Saviour' instead of a λυτρωτὴν lytrōtēn 'Redeemer'.

Being saved sózó, without having to do anything else other than believe you are 'Saved', results in a person not being fed and nourished properly on the 'Word of God' and in the end they loose their life. We need to encourage each other and all the more as we see the day of our redemption approaching.

Redemption, a process that began with YAHUAH God, who's purpose for man was to bring many to glory. Glory is a transformation of 'Soul' and 'Spirit' that prepares man for a new existence within a new body. Adam and Eve would have gone through this process had they not chosen (they were free to choose) to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. All their descendants would have, at the end of the process, been given glorified spirit bodies.

We are being redeemed for a price, one that is so precious, a life without fault, given willingly so that we could become acceptable to God. We are being prepared for a new life with the one who bought us. As a Bride prepares herself for the coming of the Groom, we have to be washed with the water of the word so that we can be clothed with the spirit, signified by being dressed in white. Even if we are just the ones invited to the wedding. Revelation 19:6-8, Matthew 25:1-13.


NLT Galatians 5:19-24, explains how we should live our lives while we wait for the return of the Messiah. We should 'ALL' be working with the Spirit against the works of the flesh. We can't help others if we ourselves are still doing the same things they are. How many of you who say you are 'Saved' continue in pursuing your own fleshly desires? If you say you have faith yet still continue in these things you are working against the Spirit,

We are supposed to be a PURIFIED people, not seeking to please ourselves but doing the things that are pleasing to God.


Peter the Disciple of the Messiah, in his letters, used the analogy of a 'New Born Baby' showing that there is a process that brings us to maturity in our faith through the Word of God, 1Peter 2:1-2. Peter used this analogy because we are being Born Again by the Spirit of God within us.1 Peter 1:3-22. But without the 'Word of God' to nourish and prepare us we are just empty vessels with nothing to give to others. John 6:35-40. The 'Hearers' of the 'Law' are not declared righteous, but those who hear and keep the Law are 'Declared Righteous', known as, 'Faith' and 'Works'. We show ourselves to be worthy of redemption.

The 'Times of the Gentiles' are coming to an end, once the full number have come in, then redemption will start and the door will be shut! NLT Luke 21:24 ...And Jerusalem will be trampled by the Gentiles until the period of the Gentiles comes to an end. Romans NLT 11:25 ...A hardening in part has come to Israel until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. The Prophet Daniel was given a vision of when this would occur Daniel 12:10-12. We could be in the last seven years that began in 2018 leading to the start of the Judgement period.

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