Science and Astronomy tell us that the Earth orbits the Sun while at the same time they tell us that the North Pole always points to the North Star Polaris. If you look at the image below you will notice that what they say is impossible.

Earth Orbit

If the Earth orbits the Sun, there is only one part of its orbit that would allow it to point to Polaris, any other position along its orbit would be pointing somewhere else.

There is only one other explanation, the Earth does not orbit the Sun!

If all of the above is correct and it is, then the Sun has to move or we can't have the Seasons!

If the Sun moves and it does, because we see it moving every day, then this means that:
  • The Earth does not move
  • The Earth does not tilt
  • The Earth is not a Globe or planet
  • The Sun, Moon, Stars, Constellations and the Milky Way all circle above the Earth around a central point which is the North Star
The Question we all have to ask ourselves is who do we believe, NASA, or the one who made everything, The Creator. Because what we see with our eyes confirms exactly what we are told by The Creator. NASA claims that what they tell us is correct, which means they are accusing The Creator of Lying.


The love of this world is to give praise and glory to the things that man has achieved and the belief that man can do things better than the one who created him. As the saying goes, Pride comes before a fall. NASA are reaching for the Heavens, remember the last time man tried that! its an awful long way to fall! Every nation throughout history that has sought world domination has come to its end. In this world we are very close to a complete end to this system of things and the clock is ticking.

Do you trust them to bring peace and salvation to all mankind, to end all wars, to heal the sick, to feed the world, to restore the Earth back to how they found it centuries ago by cleaning up the pollution in the sea and air and on land? SEASONS If we believe what The Creator says about the Earth, the illustration above gives you some idea how the seasons work. In Winter the Sun circles over the Tropic of Capricorn and its light reaches to Antarctica, in the Northern Arctic there is no day just darkness. By Spring the Sun has spiralled its way to the Equator then as Summer progresses it reaches the Tropic of Cancer and in the Arctic there is no Night. From there it begins its journey out from the North back to the Equator on its journey South. The whole heaven rotates in a clockwise direction above our heads.

Just as a plane flies overhead at the same altitude on its journey, but appears to rise in the sky as it gets nearer and lower in the sky the further away it gets, this is known as perspective. In the same way the Sun when rising or setting appears to do the same. This is because our eyes can only see so far into the distance. Our field of view narrows the further an object is away from us, the limit of our unaded view is the Horizon, another name for it is the Vanishing Point.


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