Man has only reached a third of the way through Earths atmosphere due to dangerous radiation that hinders any further progress. Because of the size of the Earth, over 8000 miles or more in diameter, which could be significantly greater, it has not been possible to photograph the whole Earth from such a low altitude. Yet NASA continues to show images of the Earth that are not actual photographs but are composite computer generated images compiled from strips of data supplied by satellites. If you draw a line eight thousand miles long and at its center another vertical line to 350 miles high, you would have barely left Earths surface.


It is very probable that man never went to the Moon and that the whole idea of man leaving the Earth is something that is unattainable. Only recently NASA stated that, before they can send man into the area of Dangerous Radiation surrounding the Earth, they would have to do tests to see whether it could be done or not!


At the end of World War II the world had never seen such devastation and loss of life and vowed never to let it happen again, but just when we thought it was all coming to an end Science gave us the Atom Bomb, quickly followed by the more powerful Hydrogen Bomb. Next we were introduced to Rocket Technology designed to deliver these weapons anywhere on Earth.

What followed brought us closer to destroying all life on Earth. Mans search for Knowledge has brought about the ability to cause Death on an unprecedented scale, what we might call an Abomination of Desolation!

The Day of Yahuah's wroth upon the Nations is drawing ever closer, will Yahushah be your Protector or your Enemy ?

Earth Orbit

Remember that the Earth's axis, according to Science, always points in the same direction as it orbits the Sun causing the seasons. Therefore it is impossible for the Earth to orbit the Sun while at the same time having the North Pole constantly pointing at the same Star.


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