GENESIS 9:1-17

NOAH was warned by Alahym (God) that the Earth was corrupt and needed to be cleansed. If would suffer a Great Flood that would cover the mountains. Noah believed Alahym who instructed him to built an Ark. His faith saved himself, his family and a great number of animals from the waters. The True Vine, planted by Alahym (God), had its beginnings in The New Earth after the Great Flood. Alahym blessed Noah and his son SHEM. The significance of LIFE IN THE BLOOD and the command for it not to be eaten with the meat was explained. Anyone who killed someone, would also have to die. Alahym PROMISED never to flood the Earth again and He gave a Rainbow in the clouds to signify the Covenant.


GENESIS 17:1-27

Alahym appeared to Abram and PROMISED to make him a father of many nations, He also said that the entire land of CANAAN would be his and his descendants from generation to generation forever. He also changed his name from Abram to Abraham, his wife Sarai had her name changed to Sarah and as promised she bore a son. Alahym said they should call him Isaac. Abraham's seed would be as the stars of heaven and as the sand of the sea and that by his "Seed" All the families of the Earth will be blessed.

GENESIS 22:1-18 Alahym asked Abraham to offer his only Son Isaac as a Burnt Offering to test his Faith. At the last moment Abraham was stopped and Alahym provided a Lamb in place of his son. Isaac, being the son of the PROMISE, would carry the blessing.
By believing in what Alahym had said, Abraham was declared righteous and became the father of all who exercise 'Faith' in Alahym's Promises.

The Covenant was ratified by circumcision. Isaac's son Jacob also carried the blessing and was renamed ישראל Yashra'al ISRAEL by Alahym. Israel became the father of the Twelve Tribes.


Towards the end of 400 years of Israel's slavery in Egypt, Moses was sent by Alahym, as their 'Shepherd', to bring them out of slavery as PROMISED (promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and to lead them to the 'Promised Land'. After confronting Pharaoh with 'Plagues', the time came for the Destroyer to kill all the first borne of Egypt. First, Israel had to be protected by what later became known as The Passover, the 'Sacrifice of a Lamb' so that its blood would be a Mark on the doorposts, 'Setting Them Apart' from the Egyptians.

Then followed the opening of the Red Sea saving them from Pharaoh's army. On reaching Mount Sinai Moses met with Alahym and receive the Law Covenant which all Israel accepted, binding them and future generations to the agreement. Moses said at Deuteronomy 18:15-22 that Alahym would raise up a Prophet like him from among Israel and that they would have to listen to Him.


Alahym PROMISED David, a 'Shepherd', who's Faith brought him victory over a Giant and made him King over Israel, that a 'Future King' from his line would sit on his throne and that it would be established forever.


God, who in times passed spoke to His people by the mouth of Prophets, now sent His 'Only Son' to speak with them. He was named Yahushah, which means, Yahuah's Lamb, because He will Redeem His people from their Sins.

He is the Promised Seed of Abraham and also the one Promised to sit on the Throne of David forever as the King of Kings!

Yahushah the Messiah had to give himself up to be a perfect sacrifice, an offering to Alahym as the 'Lamb of God', prefigured in Genesis 22, the lamb provided in place of Isaac. He was made to be sin for us. He took on himself the sins of the world and covered them with His own blood that was poured out at the time of His death.

Now we, being redeemed through His Blood, are marked for survival, if we keep to the path set before us, when Alahym's judgement comes on this world we will be taken into His Kingdom.

Alahym loves the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son, so that All who believe in Him might not perish but have Everlasting Life. This 'Gift' of Life brought Yahushah (Jesus) back from the dead and later He was restored to Heaven to be with His Father. The Father then sent His Spirit into the world so that All who believe in His Son would have a Helper and an assurance that what was promised will be fulfilled.


The New Covenant through the Body and Blood of the Messiah was expanded to include All Nations and the Good News was spread around the world by His followers. Those who exercise Faith are grafted into the 'Olive Tree' of Israel in fulfilment of the PROMISE made to Abraham.


What about the covenant with Moses and Israel, you might ask? Moses was faithful, he did all that Yahuah asked bar the one incident at the rock in the wilderness where he did not give glory to Yahuah for providing water but took it upon himself. So he did not enter the Promised Land. Moses had delivered the Law to Israel and it continued throughout their generations but Israel continued to do what was wrong till eventually the Temple was destroyed by the Romans for the last time in 70 AD.

The agreement between Yahuah and Israel and delivered by Moses was a shadow of the realities to come. The Law could never take away sin so it was ineffective on its own, hence the need for a better covenant one that had better PROMISES. So has The Father and Son given up on Israel? Certainly not, the New Covenant will continue until the fullness of the Gentiles have come in and then the scriptures say that the ones in unbelief will look upon Him whom they pierced.

So now we have a High Priest Yahushah Mashyach, who is sat at the right hand of His Father awaiting till all His enemies are placed as a stool for His feet.

It is by the Grace (UNDESERVED KINDNESS) of Alahym (God) you are being saved. At the appointed time Alahym sent 'His only begotten Son' into the world to redeem His people from their Sins by the one sacrifice of Himself, so that ALL WHO BELIEVE IN HIM, might not be destroyed but have Everlasting Life. We need to stop what we are doing or thinking in this life and listen to the Words of Life from the Father and Son that are written in the Scriptures.

DEUTERONOMY 18:15-22 JEREMIAH 23:5-8 ISAIAH 9:6-7 MICAH 5:2 ISAIAH 53:1-12
צמח צדיק
If you are a Jew and accept the Word of Alahym concerning His Son, the Mashyach, you are freed from condemnation under the Law Covenant given to Moses, so you don't need animal sacrifices or a temple. Why? Because by acknowledging the Mashyach you are accepting his sacrifice once for all time which is the 'New Covenant' and fulfilling the requirements of the Law by showing you love Alahym. You are declared Righteous through your Faith in His Son as Abraham was and have entered His Sabbath Rest. The ordinances and services required under the Law are now obsolete.
Jeremiah 23:6 and 33:16 Yahuah our Righteousness. יהוה צדקנו

If you are not a Jew, and acknowledge the Messiah, you are not under the Law of Moses, are not required to be circumcised or keep the Sabbath or any Festivals or New Moons or abstain from unclean meats. You are required to Love Alahym with all your heart, your Soul, and your Mind and to Love your neighbour as yourself, abstain from Blood, from things Strangled, from things Offered to Idols and from Fornication (any form of Sex outside of marriage). Those who teach otherwise have made the Sacrifice of the Messiah of no effect and are robbing you of the GIFT which has been given to us who believe.


NLT Matthew 6:9-15 "Our Father in Heaven, May your name be kept Holy, May your Kingdom come soon, May your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven...".

This Prayer given to us by the Mashyach (Messiah), found in the Bible, is a call for the New Heaven and Earth to sweep away corrupt rule on Earth, as happened in the days of Noah but this time replacing it with a Just Rule that is everlasting under a Righteous Ruler from Heaven.

Read the Scriptures for yourself and you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free from the corruption in this world. Turn to your Heavenly Father Yahuah with all your heart, soul, and mind and ask for forgiveness for the things that you have done in the past that you are ashamed of. Ask for forgiveness in the name of His Son Yahushah Mashyach (Jesus Christ) and you will receive the Holy Spirit in your heart to be with you always. In times of trouble ask Him for help and He will guide you through it.

ESV MATTHEW 7:7 Yahushah (Jesus) said "Ask, and it will be given to you, seek, and you will find, Knock, and it will be open to you". He will soon return to the Earth to begin His rule and we will see Him as He is. "May Yahuah bless you with the knowledge and understanding of His Word". I ask this prayer in the name of His Son, Yahushah, Amen and Amen.



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