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Within the pages of the Bible we have a chronology of events that allows the reader to construct a Time Line that takes the age of a person when their son was born and then the age their sons son was born and so on. When these years are all added up we get a fairly accurate figure for events such as the Great Flood. Using Bible time this way is probably more accurate than scientific methods.

The clock spans a period of 7,200 years or 144 Jubilee's (a Jubilee is 50 years) from Adam to the end of the age, giving us a window into the past and allowing us to see when events happened and who was alive and when. The clock is divided into two spans of 3,600 years, the first spans from Adam through to the Messiah, the second from the Messiah's death to the End of the Age.

Adam lived for 930 years, which means he was still alive during the early life of LAMECH, Noah's father, allowing word of mouth transmission of events that happened throughout Adams life, which would have included information about the NEPHALIM who were the sons of the Angels who transgressed.

Following the Biblical Count from Adam to the Messiah using just years, we arrive at Dates of events that fit the Historical record without the use of Calendars that only confuse the mind. We are told that the designation of AD started at the birth of the Messiah, of which there is no historical record. It would be more logical to use Biblical time and Prophetic time to calculate the Birth and Death of the Messiah, and this is what has been done here. This method also fits the Historical years of events down to the present.

ADAM down to SHEM, Noah's son, gives a total of 1,556 years, Noah was 500 years old when Shem was born and 600 years old during the Flood or 1,656 years from Adam giving us a date of 1944 BC for the Flood.

From The Great Flood we continue to add the birth years bringing us to the birth of ISAAC, 2046 years from Adam or 1554 BC. This period also includes the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. ISAAC is 60 at the birth of JACOB but we don't have an age for Jacob at the birth of JOSEPH. We are told that Joseph was 30 when he became second only to Pharaoh in Egypt. We know the age of Jacob when he died aged 147. He had lived in Egypt for 17 years, so if we take 17 from 147 we are left with 130, then take away Joseph's age 30, we are left with JACOB aged 100 at the birth of Joseph, 2206 years from Adam or 1394 BC. Then we find JOSEPH, 30 years old when Israel moves to Egypt in 1364 BC because of the famine. Pharaoh was more than likely Akhenaten, the father of Tutankhamen. This is confirmed by the fact that there was Drought and Famine documented during this time.


From the time of Joseph we are told that Israel was in Egypt for 400 years, then they are delivered from slavery by Alahym (God). MOSES being the person chosen to confront Pharaoh.


The EXODUS 964 BC brought freedom from slavery only for Israel to end up wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. JOSHUA takes over as leader when Moses dies having lived for 120 years. After Joshua takes Israel over the River Jordan he leads them in battle against the inhabitants of the promised land.

Joshua dies aged 110 years, leaving Israel to their own path resulting in the need for Judges to keep control. Israel then ask Alahym (God) for a King to rule over them like the other nations. Their first King was SAUL. He lost his kingship and was replaced by the Shepherd King David who establishes his Kingdom over Israel. Davids Son Solomon builds Alahym (God) a house known as The Temple around 884 BC.

We then have a date from History of 609 BC when King Nebuchadnesar of Babylon destroys the Temple and the people are taken captive to Babylon. After 70 years King Cyrus of Persia conquers Babylon in 539 BC and supports the return of the people to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem.


Prophesy comes from Alahym (God). What He directs always comes to completion so we can rely on His Word. In any calculation we need a starting points and this is exactly what we are given by the prophet Daniel who was shown what would take place in the future. DANIEL 8:13-14 gives us a period of 2300 years that span from the destruction of the second Temple, to things being made right again. chapter 9:24, 25-27 gives two periods measured in seventies of years that add up to 980. This corresponds to a two part prophesy. The first part that totals 483 years, running from the decree made by Cyrus the Great in 539 BC to the birth of The Messiah in 56 BC The second part totals 56 years to the death of the Messiah, followed by a 7 year period after the Messiah is resurrected and seen by many. Later in 70 AD the Temple is destroyed by the Romans.


Herod Antipater the Idumaean was the father of Herod the Great, He was a friend of the Roman Julius Caesar whom he thought would give his support to make him King of Judea. At this time in history events moved from one to another with great speed causing a lot of confusion among Historians resulting in a mixing of events. Antipater the Idumaean who was also named Herod, was made Govenor (Procurator) of Judea around 63 BC.

According to the Historian Josephus, Antipater was given to believe that after giving his support in the Roman wars, he would be made King of Judea, a position many believed he already held in all but name. He then appointed his two sons in government positions, one in Galilee and one in Jerusalem. On hearing about the birth of a future King, the Messiah in 56 BC, he was probably worried that this would challenge his plans for a dynasty which included his son Herod's future. This was most likely the cause of the decree that infants of two years and younger should be put to death. Because of this decree Joseph and Mary, having been warned by a Messenger, took the baby to Egypt. Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 BC Antipater was murdered by poison in 43 BC one year after Julius Caesar's murder. After Herod Antipater the Idumaean's death Mary and Joseph returned home to Nazareth. The Messiah would now be about 12 years old.

In 37 BC Herod Antipater's son became King (the Herod responsible for John the Baptist's death) he would later be known as Herod the Great.

Luke 3:23 Yahushah (Jesus) was about 30 years old when He was baptised by John the Baptist and Anointed by His Father (God) with His Spirit, signalling the beginning of His Ministry in 26 BC. Some time later the Jews said to Yahushah (Jesus) "you are not yet fifty years old (implying that he was in his forties) how can you say you have seen Abraham?" John 8:57. Was this an indication that by now He was in his Forties? This would be a logical conclusion if all the other dates match up, He would be 56 at His death. We also have to bear in mind that the introduction of "AD" (without knowing the year of the birth of the Messiah) complicated historical dating, we are using Biblical time and Prophetic time with some historical dates.


Prophesy again comes into play, spanning from the formation of Islam down to the present. Islam is not mentioned by name but by description in the prophesy given to Daniel. There are two points of reference and two time spans. The first one is, The Birth of Islam around 628 AD. This reference (yellow line) spans 1290 years down to 1918 AD.


The second reference point is the Dome of the Rock, built around 690 AD, this reference (white line) spans 1335 years down to 2025 AD

During the period leading up to 2025 AD we are told of a scattering of the power of The Holy People. This would be a time of distress.

When the two clocks BC and AD are looked at together, we see that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in 1554 BC and the year 2025 AD converge at the same point. Could this be the point at which the Messiah returns or is it the beginning of the Judgment of the Nations at a time of similar Lawless conditions and the rise of the Antichrist Church? As said before, Time is Shorter than we think! If Islam and the Church come together for a PEACE Deal, along with Israel, then Sudden Destruction could be just round the corner. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

If you have read the book of Daniel, you will have noticed another prophesy regarding the New Temple. Daniel 8:12 says that the Army of Heaven was restrained from responding to the rebellion 8:14. The Messenger tells Daniel about 2300 evenings and mornings that will pass until the the Temple is made right again. At verse 26, He is told that none of these things will happen for a long time. If we count 2300 years from the destruction of the temple we arrive at the year 2370 AD

The information provided on this website regarding specific years is only intended as a guide so that we can see where we are in the flow of time leading up to The Kingdom of Heaven.
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