Scripture is writing that records events, words, conversations, messages, visions, warnings, thoughts, descriptions, names, places, journeys and directions. These are but a part of what Scripture contains to convey meaning to things of importance of value and that are not just history but a lifetime of experiences conveyed across the centuries, having a life of its own that almost breaths itself into the reader.

This is the Living Word of The Creator, the Life that guided and directed creation, from the beginning of everything to the end of everything and on that road through life Man was inspired to write everything down so that others could be inspired when they read it. It is alive and able to discern between what is right or wrong, good and bad, friend or foe.

How can this be true of mere words on a scroll of parchment or book of paper, what makes it so unique and powerful? The answer is that it is the Breath of the Creator that gives life to all of us and through that breath comes the inspiration that guides the mind of the Scribe and the voice of the Orator, to accomplish what the Creator set out to do.

These are not empty words of a storyteller or of someone who wishes to entertain, they have purpose, they accomplish that which was intended and are powerful in their execution of that purpose.

All scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching for reproving and for setting things straight, so that the Man of God may be equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16.

The Word of God is alive and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword and is able to distinguish between the Soul and Spirit, between joint and marrow and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

My name is David Jones. I set up this website a number of years ago with the intention of finding evidence for Extraterrestrial Life, believing in NASA and the information they had or had not been feeding us. I had a belief in God but was gradually slipping away from religion and moving towards science and astronomy. My website reflected this change. What I found was very interesting to say least.

With the discovery of the book "The 12th Planet and Zecharia Sitchin's belief in the "Anunnaki" my website changed its face somewhat. In 2012 with the approach of the Planet Nibiru the topic of the News it seemed that my understanding of the meaning of life had gained some support.

While browsing the internet, I came across videos on YouTube about the belief in the Flat Earth theory that was spreading across the internet. As I searched for supporting theories and facts about this topic, My website again changed its theme. The main driving force behind the Flat Earth theory was its origin in the Bible. This brought me back to Genesis and God as the Creator of the World we live in.

Having a Dome above our heads came closer to reality, whith NASA's findings regarding the "Van Allen" radiation belts and the sharp boundary of intense Radiation that presented a problem for Space Travel, the conclusion was that we never went to the Moon and it was all fabricated. Science died that day and so did Aliens and the Planet Nibiru, being replaced with a renewed zeal for finding the truth about God.

The main focus was on the Genesis document. To understand it more clearly I needed to look at it from a Jewish perspective, and that needed an understanding of the Hebrew language. As my research progressed I was drawn towards the name of the Creator, guided by the Gospels I realised that I did not know His True Name or the True Name of His Son.

I realise that this subject is controversial but the Hebrew language needs to be re-examined. Modern Hebrew has moved away from its original ancient form and the true meaning of the words.



It was during Passover 2017, I was reading the account, Exodus 12:12-14, about the children of Israel, Moses and Arron were being instructed by Yahuah concerning the Passover Lamb. The parallel with the Messiah was foremost in my mind when, at this point, my Faith in The Creator and His Son rose to a new level when I experienced the effect of The Spirit, the reality of the unseen presence working in my being, bearing witness to the word.

The next revelation came about while reading about Abraham offering his son Issac as a sacrifice when he was stopped from carrying out the procedure by Alahym (Elohim) who provided an alternative in the form of a Ram caught in a (Thorn) bush, Gen.22. The internet and YouTube played its part in this enlightened view of the parallel to Messiah.

If this Ram, (a young male sheep) pointed towards Yahushah (Jesus) and it had its head caught in a bush, then it would be strange if it were not a Thorn Bush. The Crown of Thorns being on the head of Messiah, He carried our Sins. Thorns and thistles were probably not part of Creation but were added as a curse for the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Gen 3:17,18

So now this website is dedicated to the Father and Son, the Yahuah Alahym (Elohim=Plural).

If you find anything questionable on this website please send me your comments and I will do my best to put things right. My only hope is that you find inspiration to search for and question and share all things until we all have full knowledge of everything.


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